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I'm Cate, and this blog is Me add three.

That's me, add my husband, son and daughter. This is how we enjoy family life; things we love, food we eat, places we go and thoughts along the way.

Our son was born autumn 2008, and daughter spring 2013.  We love getting out and about in the fresh air, and burning off some of our kids' energy. 

Our son LOVES cars, riding his bike, go kart or scooter, going really high on the swings and playing football and tennis.  Our daughter is a very busy three year old who is into absolutely everything!  She loves to go out on her balance bike, gymnastics and go very fast down the slide at our local park.

I am very proud to say that toddler girl and I were Chicco Happiness Testers when she was younger.  You can read our reviews at Chicco Tested for Happiness.

Please get in touch, you can contact me by email at meaddthree (at) gmail (dot) com, or you can follow me:

Me add three

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