Sunday, 2 October 2016

Gymnastics is #MySundayPhoto

Toddler girl absolutely loves gymnastics, she looks forward to her hour long pre-school class every week.

The class is lovely and relaxed, with a 10 minute warm up to songs using actions, like 'elephants have wrinkles', about 20 minutes on circuit one, 20 minutes on another circuit and a 10 minute cool down which always ends with twinkle twinkle little star.

Apart from the trampoline (show me a kid who doesn't love a trampoline!), these high bars are one of her favourite pieces of equipment.  She loves to grab the bar and swing herself back and forth.  She can also nearly reach the bar with her feet when she holds on!

I really enjoy our sessions too, and it's great to see her gaining confidence and getting better every week.  It won't be long before she moves up to the school age class!

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