Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Christmas chocolate offer in the Co-op

I spotted a great chocolate offer in my local Co-op food store at the weekend.  Ok, so it is massively early for Christmas, but this is a good offer:

So for £10 you get a Galaxy advent calendar, Maltesers and Friends selection box (213g), Mars and Friends selection box (181g), massive box of peanut M&Ms (365g) and a big bag of Celebrations (490g).  Yum!  I checked and the nearest prices I could find for these individually are:

Galaxy advent calendar: £2 (Wilko)
Celebrations: £3.50 (Tesco)
Peanut M&Ms: £3 (Tesco)
Mars and Friends selection box: £2.50
Maltesers selection box: £3

So buying these seperately costs £14, and together costs £10.  The question is, will they last until Christmas?

This deal is on at Co-op Food stores until 11th October.  It was selling fast in my local store, so get there soon if you want to buy.

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