Friday, 9 September 2016

A more grown up, updated bedroom

It's been a clearing out few weeks.  After returning from the bliss and space of Cornwall a few weeks ago, our house felt unbearably cluttered.  Rooms filled with stuff, lots of it not even ours.

Our son's room in particular didn't have enough storage and had books absolutely everywhere.  And I mean everywhere!  So an update was in order.

We ordered a massive new tall and thin bookcase for the end of his bed, the biggest Lego head we could get to store lots and lots of Lego and some lovely bucket drawer type shelves for cars, games and other general stuff.  Two shelves complete the room, which are ideal for the many football trophies he has!

It all came from Argos, and came in at  about £170.  It has really smartened the room up, given us lots more storage, and looks more grown up and just right for a nearly eight year old.

What do you think?

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