Thursday, 18 August 2016

Holiday hamper for teacher gift

At the end of the summer term, a few parents got together and contributed some money to put towards a gift for our son's teacher.  The idea was to create a holiday hamper from all of us which we thought would be better than lots of boxes of chocolates.

I love doing things like this and was happy to volunteer to pull it all together.  I wrapped it all in celophane with a nice ribbon too, but typically I forgot to take a picture of it finished!

The contents of the holiday hamper, all themed white and blue where:
  • Blue beach towel with red detail, Wilko.  This is underneath the contents propping it all up.
  • Blue with white polka dot beach bag, White Stuff
  • Blue detail sarong, Accessorize
  • Blue detail flip flops, Accessorize
  • Nivea sun cream and after sun, Wilkos
  • Travel guide (we had sneakily found out where she was holidaying this summer!), WHSmith 
  • Plastic basket weave type stationery storage box, Wilkos

The whole thing cost about £40, but I think looks really effective.  What do you think?


  1. I bet the teacher is thrilled to get this for her break. I know I would be. These sorts of things always need someone to organise it all, I'm sure all the parents are glad you stepped up.

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