Monday, 4 July 2016

Tinned tomato comparison - Ocado vs Cook Italian chopped tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes are essential in any food cupboard, in our house we use them as the basis for so many slow cooker dishes.  I always look for good value chopped tinned tomatoes and I love the rich thick varieties, so thought I'd give Ocado's own brand a run against the premium Cook Italian version I usually buy.

Both chopped tinned tomatoes promise Italian chopped tomatoes in a rich tomato juice and come in 400g tins.  Both also have a handy ring pull lid, to save getting the tin opener out.

The ingredients listed are Ocado: tomato (65%), tomato juice, acidity regulator (citric acid) and Cook Italian: Italian tomatoes (65%), concentrated Italian tomato juice, acidity regulator citric acid.

So far so similar, how different can chopped tinned tomatoes be, really?

Well the similarities don't end there!  Both tins are produced and packed in Italy, and the format and printing of the best before dates and batch codes look remarkably similar.

The look of both tins opened is remarkably similar too.  Very similar colours and richness of sauce for both. 

Could these be exactly the same chopped tomatoes but in a different tin?  You decide!

A four pack of Cook Italian chopped tinned tomatoes in July 16 retails at £3 at Ocado.  A four pack of Ocado chopped Italian tinned tomatoes is available for £1.39.

Which would you buy?

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