Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer holiday shopping with Primark at The Fort

Earlier this year, Primark opened at The Fort Shopping Park just on the outskirts of Birmingham.  With two floors, a new building with over 45,000 square foot of shopping, I couldn't believe my luck with The Fort invited me to do some holiday shopping for the kids there.

The store is absolutely immaculate and well organised, with grown up stock on the ground floor, kids and home on the top floor.  The store itself has plenty of space and is really welcoming.  It gives the impression that you could spend as much time as you want in there, browsing for hours or easily heading straight for the section you want.

I headed upstairs for the kids' section, and oh gosh, what a great kids' section it is.  The clothes are set out into girl/boy and age and there is everything for every age - shoes, accessories, underwear, tops, bottoms, you name it.  It really is a one stop shop, with everything you could need at great prices.

I set about looking for a holiday outfit for toddler girl.  There was loads of choice and it was all such great value; T shirts were around £1.50 each, leggings around £2.  Some of the clothes were branded too - I saw Minions, Peppa Pig and other Disney T shirts and accessories.  Everything was decent quality and fashionable with something for every taste.

Toddler girl loves to play outside so I was looking for an outfit for her that was comfortable and would be suitable for playing on a beach, at the park and would also work for eating out in the early evening.  I chose:

Blue flowery sun dress £2.50
Navy leggings £1.90
White sun glasses £1
Pink plimsoles £3
Blue polka dot sun hat £3
Navy cotton cardigan £5

This lovely outfit is right up our daughter's street.  For hot days, the really lovely dress with fab polk dot hat and sunglasses will help keep her cool.  The addition of the leggings means it's versatile and comfortable for climbing and running around.  The cardigan is perfect for cooler evenings when we're eating out and smartens up the whole outfit (as much as a three year old ever needs to look smart!). 

What do you think?  I love it, and think she looks great.  At just £16.40, this is such brilliant value and I know we'll get loads of wear out of her outfit on holiday and at home.  I was really surprised at the quality too, with high fashion and great value I didn't expect such a good fit and for everything to be well made across the outfit.  The cardigan in particular is made of cotton and really excellent.

We will definitely be back to Primark at The Fort Shopping Park in Birmingham. It's a fab store to stock up on fab fashion at amazing prices.  With all The Fort's great facilities for families too (like kiddie cars, a pay-for soft play zone and really excellent baby change and feeding facilities), it's an easy and enjoyable day out for everyone.

Check back tomorrow for my choice of outfit from Primark at The Fort for our son.  At seven, he's a bit older than our daughter, but the choice was still great!

I was invited by The Fort to go holiday shopping at Primark with a free gift voucher.  All thoughts, choices and words are my own.


  1. So cute...The blue polka dot sun hat... Primark still amazes me at their prices !

  2. Lovely outfit, I really like the dress.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Love the cute little summer dress, love navy blue and white, so classic

  4. Gorgeous little outfit ..definitely my favourite 💙💙

  5. Gorgeous little outfit ..definitely my favourite 💙💙