Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Think your 90s oldskool dancing days are over? Not with Clubbercise

It's been quite a while since I went out dancing on a Friday night, so long in fact that I had forgotten about the alcohol induced sweating, feet aching and exhilaration that is a good all-night danceathon celebrating the weekend.

I had genuiely forgotten this, until last Friday night when I attended my first Clubbercise class at my local leisure centre when the memories came flooding back.

Clubbercise bills itself at the simple, fun dance fitness routines using glowsticks and club anthems from the 90s, in darkened rooms with disco lights.

Sounds terrifying, right?  Well, yes.  I was slightly scared as I entered the fitness studio, wondering what to expect.  When the lights went out though, and the glow sticks lit up, the smiles gradually took over (along with my unco-ordinated moves and sweating).

The warm up, with its grapevine and boxsteps, was a bit more aerobics than danceathon.  The pace was quick and the music as they say, was pumping.  Once the warm up was over and I was nicely out of breath, the real workout began and I could see why the class was called Clubbercise. 

With lots of high energy jumping, turning and stepping to tracks like Jump Around by Kriss Kross and The Prodigy No Good I was quickly sweating even more and concentrating very hard on the neon-clad instructor to try and master all the moves.  The glow sticks really added to the session and it was great to see them all moving around.

After 45 minutes of almost non stop aerobic dancing I was very hot, sweaty and my feet ached.  Suddenly the memories of nights in the 90s returned!

I felt like I'd had a great workout that was also brilliant fun.  Did I get the moves right?  No.  Did it matter?  No, the lights were off and no one could see.  Did I ache the next day?  Yes, but in a nice 'that was a great session', rather than 'how am I ever going to walk again' way.

It was a great class and I will definitely be back for more.  See you there?

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I would even be tempted with a class if there was one near me x