Monday, 13 June 2016

Renting a cabana at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

If you're planning to go to Center Parcs and wondering if a cabana is worth it, read on.

We go to Center Parcs regularly, and always get a cabana on the last day of our holiday.  They provide a great 'base' while you're off exploring the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and come with some nice extra bits and bobs to make your day more comfortable.

During our stay at Woburn we booked the largest cabana available, mostly because it was the only one still free at the time of booking!  It came with eight seats, but with the footstools available mean it would easily accommodate 10 people.  

One of the things I love about hiring a cabana is the towels you get included in the rental.  This saves lugging towels around with you all day, especially useful if it's your last day and you've left your villa.  You also get a TV with lots of channels, although we only found the kids channel as that's all our two will watch.

The safe is easily programmable and great for storing valuables you don't want to leave in the main lockers or carry round with you.  There's a Starbucks and The Canopy hot food outlet in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Woburn and if you want to pay by card it's handy to have it with you.  There are a few soft drinks available in a fridge too, we had two bottles on water and a selection of Pepsi and 7up.

Speaking of food and drink, if you do order from The Canopy, they will deliver your meal directly to your cabana - perfect.

There are also a range of magazines to read, and a general feel of privacy and being away from the crowds when in there.  Note that it isn't completely private though, the wood slats the cabana is made from have gaps which can be seen through if someone really wants to.

The cabanas at Woburn are all in a row and slightly away from the pools, so if you'd like to sit in yours and watch your children in the pool this isn't possible.  They are a lovely base to arrange to meet up if everyone goes in different directions, and somewhere nice to eat a meal in relative privacy. 

Center Parcs will provide a basic cot for babies and toddlers who still need a sleep in the day, and the cabana is the perfect place to watch them and put your feet up at the same time.

I'd definitely recommend a cabana over the stay of your holiday, but especially on changeover day.  It always extends our last day by a few hours and we leave feeling like we've had a great last day.

Our cabana at Center Parcs was booked for three hours on a Monday afternoon and cost £75.  This included towel hire, safe and drinks.

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