Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Aldi pizza oven and essential rain cover

Aldi Special Buys are always worth keeping an eye on.  I couldn't believe it a month or so ago when I saw a pizza oven coming up for just £100. The oven on offer came with a pizza stone, oven and can be used to cook and smoke food.

The next cheapest one I could find was about £150, and I really wanted one for our newly landscaped garden, so off we went to get one from our local Aldi.  Bargain!

It was really quick to assemble, very sturdy and looks absolutely great in our garden.  I love the temperature gauge at the top so you know when it's ready to cook.

With it being such a bargain, it didn't come with a cover and I knew we'd need one with the British climate.  I had a look round for a specific Aldi cover but there didn't seem to be one.  The next nearest I could find was a cover for the very similar looking La Hacienda steel multi-function pizza oven which is available at Argos.

La Hacienda pizza oven rain covers (item code 60546) are available on Amazon, and is made of a strong waterproof fabric.  The overall dimensions are 165cm top to bottom, 63cm wide and 50cm deep.  This is a good fit for the Aldi pizza oven, if ever so slightly big.

There's a handy drawstring at the bottom of the cover to pull it in and stop rain dripping down and pooling around the bottom of the skirt. 

In our weather, this is an essential addition to our Aldi pizza oven and in fact, we haven't had chance to take it off in the last couple of weeks since we bought it!  Ours cost £24, which is a lot but worth it to preserve the pizza oven.

Let me know if you have one of these ovens and if you order one of these covers for it.


  1. Oh wow! That is fab! What a great bargain and addition to your garden! x

  2. OMG I love it!
    I need to find where on earth my nearest Aldi is

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