Monday, 9 November 2015

Thinking about the summer holidays at Coombe Mill in Cornwall

Now the nights have drawn in, leaves are all over the ground and the temperature has dropped, the summer holidays feel like a long time ago now.

We went to Cornwall and had a really lovely week in the warm sunshine.  We stayed at the very lovely Coombe Mill in St. Breward.  Coombe Mill provides family farm holidays in a quiet and secure feeling environment.

The site itself is lush and green, with loads to do for kids.  There are well equipped outside parks and indoor facilities too.  Our daughter loved the ride on tractor outside the reception lodge!

The site itself is lovely and spacious, a far cry from the crowded back to back holiday parks that are dotted all over Cornwall.  The stream at the bottom of the site sounds a lovely bubbly running water backdrop all day - so peaceful. 

There is so much space to run around outside.  Our two also loved the tractor ride which runs every morning and meant they could see and feed all the farm animals.  It got me walking too, and husband had a quiet hour to himself

We stayed in the lovely Trevarno lodge, which was really comfortably equipped and was easily big enough for the four of us.  With a family bathroom and ensuite, plus large lounge and top floor massive playroom, it was an ideal home from home. 

I really appreciated the space and kitchen facilities which meant we could happily stay in and cook and share our meal on the veranda outside.

The kids stayed in the twin bedroom which easily housed toddler girl's travel cot too.  Both rooms had spacious wardrobes and the beds were all super comfy!

We had a really lovely holiday that we all desperately needed.  We went off exploring Cornwall loads, and Coombe Mill was ideally centrally based for us to do this.  The farm had loads to do too, but most off all the friendly welcome, lovely space, fresh air and quiet times resulted in a wonderful relaxing break.

We'll be going back next year, for sure.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Rush rush rushing...

September and October are always really busy months with work and this year has been no exception.  It's almost as if after the quiet summer holidays everyone tries to pack as much as possible into two months, before the annual Christmas wind down.

I also have one weekend of work in October that takes a few days prep.  So it feels like I haven't seen a great deal of the kids, this blog, the school gates or much of anything really.  Always rushing, me!

Now that things are a bit quieter there's a few things I want to get sorted before Christmas, and I really hope in the next few weeks I can do this so that December is a nice relaxed month spending time getting in the festive spirit.  I'd love to know if you plan to do anything too.  In no particular order:

1. Appointments - we're so behind with appointments, dentist, optician and even parent's evening coming up.  I will get these booked and sorted this month!

2. House and garden tidy - before all the new stuff arrives at Christmas, I need to clear out the clutter and make some space.  Top of the list is a rather neglected looking garden and after that I will attack the kids' toys.  I will!

3. Blogging - I'm trying hard to fit in keeping this blog updated at the moment, but I have a few posts backed up that I need to write and publish.  Unbelievably about the summer!  Stand by.

4. Shopping - I'm desperate for some new work clothes and the kids also need some bigger stuff.  I'm not a big one for shopping, but I do need to spend half a day doing some very soon.

5.  Seeing friends - there's a couple of lovely people I haven't seen for a while, so I will email them and get some time in the diary to catch up.  Making time is hard, but so worth it.

7.  Christmas countdown - last year I did a Christmas countdown linky on my blog that had lots of posts link up.  I'm debating whether or not to start it again.  What do you think?

8. The next thing.  Tricky one this, but maybe there's another blog or something else in me.... I plan to give it some thought.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Family life is...

Family life is an ever growing pile of boxes on top of the wardrobe just waiting for Christmas day.  I hope our kids don't spot them!