Saturday, 3 October 2015

Year two infant school literacy and maths

Our son is now in year two at school.  I'm told he's working to a new, harder curriculum this year and it definitely feels like the pace of school life has stepped up.


The focus on literacy this term so far seems to be on handwriting, reading and comprehension.  Having started reception learning to write letters in a joined up style, year one didn't seem to focus on this at all.  It's back in year two though, and his homework so far this term has concentrated on writing letters in this way, and ensuring the sizing is all correct. 

Having been writing for many years now, I take letter sizing for granted but watching a six year old try and deconstruct why capitals are high (and different), some letters go under the line (p, g) and some are greedy and are high and go under the line (f) is amusing!

He is also concentrating again on sentences, making sure to always use a capital letter, full stop and ensuring it is grammatically correct.

Spellings are concentrating on suffixes - so working out and learning the rules around adding ing and er.  Who knew there were three rules for doing this?!

We continue to get a reading book everyday which are getting longer (sometimes 32 pages).  As our son is now a fluent reader, the focus is on comprehension and the books are a mix of fact and fiction to support this.


His maths work so far has seemed easy in comparison to literacy, maybe the harder stuff will come later in the term or maybe he just prefers maths?

School's requested that at home we look at odd and even numbers, counting up in ones and 10s and number bonds to 10 (all the ways you can add up to 10 for those of us not down with school lingo!).  The focus is on using a 100 number square grid.

This week's homework is all about money, and uses coins to find ways to add up to every amount between 11p and 20p.  We have been set a similar maths challenge this term which asks the children to add up rugby scores and find all the ways to get to certain scores.

Our son is really engaged at school and listens to his teacher well.  As a result, none of this is a massive challenge for him, but is stretching his ability to focus and apply himself to it at home when he'd rather be at the park.  I'm loving seeing the progress he's making - in just two short years he's gone from very early letter marks and recognising words to reading, writing and adding up fluently.  Amazing!

Are you kids in year two?  What are they working on?

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