Monday, 14 September 2015

Shouting to make sure this silent killer is heard

Right now, this very second, 16,400,000 households in the UK could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This horrifying statistic is from Project Shout, a new initiative which is shouting about carbon monoxide alarms and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which cannot be seen, smelt or heard and is known as ‘the silent killer’. This gas is produced by the incomplete burning of fuels like coal and natural gas and common sources of carbon monoxide (known as CO) are faulty cooker, boilers and fires.  CO can't be seen or smelt and the only certified way to protect yourself from it is through an audio alarm.

Like almost two thirds of household in the UK, we hadn't considered a carbon monoxide alarm. We moved into our house a few years ago and our boiler, cooker and fire are all new-ish. We didn't think we needed one.  Yet the age of an appliance doesn't necessarily make a difference. Louise Aspinall had a newly installed boiler that was faulty - a CO alarm alerted her to highly levels of the gas once the boiler was up and running. That alarm potentially saved the life of everyone in her house. You can watch her story on the Project Shout YouTube channel. 

Project Shout very kindly sent us a FireAngel CO-9D carbon monoxide alarm to install in our house. With an RRP of just £29.99, this digital LCD alarm has an integrated battery which gives it a seven year life.  It gives visual and audio alarms for CO as well as peak CO reading over four weeks, CO test facility and also a handy digital room thermometer.

The alarm is about the same size as a smoke alarm and is very light.  It comes with screws to fix it to the wall, or it can be freestanding as we're now using it.  The instructions on where to position it and how to get started are very clear, and you'll be up and running with it in seconds.

It now provides absolute reassurance to me, especially as our kids are an especially vulnerable group to CO.  After reading the Project Shout website and realising the full dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, I definitely will never be without an alarm again and this one is reassuringly well made, easy to use and reliable.  You can buy this alarm from a range of retailers, including Amazon, Tesco, B&Q and Sainsbury's.

For more information visit the Project Shout website or connect via social media.  The project is active on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  You can also join the thunderclap to help raise awareness and encourage others to buy a carbon monoxide alarm.

Let's all get shouting about this silent killer, so it's never silent again.

Disclaimer: thanks to Project Shout for providing the alarm and access to the information for this post.  I'm proud to support this excellent cause with my own words and thoughts.

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