Monday, 31 August 2015

When days become weeks

This summer has whizzed by.  Our son has seven weeks off school this year, and although I approached the holidays with some trepidation about childcare while I was working, amusing him and fitting in a holiday or two ourselves, here we are nearly at the end.

I'm very grateful that our son is looking forward to going back to school.  Toddler girl has been at nursery for her three days over most of the holiday, but I think we'll all be glad to get back into a stable 'know where we all are' routine again.  The constant juggling of work and holiday clubs has been somewhat tiring.

Even though it's not a new calendar year, that start of the academic year does feel like a new beginninng.  Summer is drawing to a close and the seasons are starting to turn.  We have something to think about soon - our son's next school.  And at Christmas time we'll start wondering about pre-school for toddler girl.

I often think time is a funny thing.  Hours take an age, but the weeks seem to fly by in a flash.

This has been a lovely holiday, full of outside play, but as the days grow shorter and the routine comes back, I'll be glad to start thinking of Christmas and the next steps for our family.

How has the summer been for you?

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