Friday, 5 June 2015

Time is my #WotW

Doesn't time feel like the enemy some times?  When there's so much to do, the kids are demanding attention, work is spilling over into home time and yes, it's 9pm you still haven't eaten.  Time is fast, slow, misleading and reassuring, all at the same time.

Over the last couple of weeks I've really been feeling time slipping away, always feeling rushed and busy.  So this week I've tried really hard to take a step back from the jobs that aren't essential, giving husband some of the things I do without even realising, and even taking a lunch break from work - unheard of!

All this has helped to slow me down a bit, and calm some of the rushing that takes place all the time in my head.

Don't you think that finding time and some room in your head is essential?  I'd love to know how you achieve it.

The Reading Residence


  1. It is essential, you're so right. I have weeks when I manage it, then at other times I feel I'm on a treadmill and don't stop! Glad you've managed a calmer one this week. Thanks for joining in again and sharing with #WotW

  2. I think your body I'd telling you to slow down. We all need time out and to have some mental space Good on you to divert some tasks and hope you get a well earned break X #wotw

  3. You are right it is essential! It sounds like you did the right thing stepping back and slowing down :) x

  4. I am so tired this week as there are lots of things to finish! I am trying to step back too and enjoy my son more. #wotw