Monday, 1 June 2015

Mystery post and nice prize from Cravendale

Our postman knocked on our door a few days ago and for the life of me I didn't know what this box was when he handed it over.

I don't get much time to enter competitions these days, and definitely couldn't remember winning anything that I was expecting to arrive - until I opened the lid of the box that is.

Cravendale is running an on pack promotion at the moment to win a glass.  There are 1,000 a day to win based on pressing the button during or after a 'winning moment' so the odds of winning are very good! 

Our son actually pressed the 'submit' button on this, but as it was a small prize won a couple of weeks ago I had forgotten about it.  He was really pleased to see 'his' new glass!

Despite it being a small prize and with so many being given away, it's actually really rather nice.  The packaging is great and has a really quality feel to it.

The glass is lovely too.  Although it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging, it has a recycled glass look and feel, and the Cravendale logo is quite cool and discreet.  It's quite a thick glass and feels very strong and hard wearing.

It holds around 300ml, just short of a can of Coke.  I've run ours through the dishwasher a few times and it's been fine.  I think it would work really well as a small vase too.

For the price of Cravendale milk, around £1.90 for 2L, this is one competition I think is definitely worth giving a go.  Winning moments are very varied - try entering in the middle of the night for the best chance of a win.  Let me know if you win!


  1. Ohh that is nice! Well done x

  2. Oh Cate, I may have 9 of these................
    We go through a lot of milk!

    1. Ha ha, don't you think they're great?

    2. Oh yes, I find first thing in the morning there's a good change of getting one ;)
      If you want another one for the pair let me know and I'll message you my latest set of codes :)

    3. Thanks, will let you know if I run out x