Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thinking about Christmas (yes, really)

When does Christmas start for you?

I think about it all year round and I can't be the only one, because Sainsbury's sent me a mail shot which heavily featured Christmas today - in May!

It got me wondering just how organised I am for Christmas, and whether I was alone?  I'd love to hear if you hide from Christmas until December, or if you embrace it in May too.


I have quite a few gifts already, I couldn't help myself in the post-Christmas sales.  The kids have a few stocking fillers like jigsaws, AirFix models, cars and crayons.  We always have a present for each person at the Christmas dinner table - and I'm lucky enough to have won half of these so far this year.  I'd definitely like to win all of them, it would be a real talking point!


Having family near and far means Christmas is usually done at our house.  It's central enough and big enough for a decent sized crowd.  I haven't really talked about it to anyone yet, but I'm assuming like the last few years that we will 'do' Christmas day again.  I wonder if we will?


I'm definitely going to try and buy less this year - we always end up with so much food!  I might try and make some recipes in advance too, freezing food where I can.  Do you know of any good make-ahead recipes?  Obviously I won't do this until much later in the year!


In previous years, we've been to the local Hatton Farm World, and not so local Lapland UK.  The kids enjoyed both!  I'd love to know if you have any festive places you always visit.

Merry Christmas :-)

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