Monday, 13 April 2015

Thick as thieves and working together

My two kids have been talking and playing so nicely together recently, it's lovely to see.

We laugh at toddler girl, who seems to think she's six, like her big brother.  There's nothing he does that she won't try.  When our son lined up for a haircut the other day, she got a chair and wanted one too!

She loves to play cars with her brother, and one of her favourite toys is his Lightning McQueen 'race case'.  I think it's a good job people have given up buying her pink stuff!

Here they are on the morning of the Easter egg hunt, checking out their haul.  It makes me very proud that our son always slows down for his sister, and makes sure she can keep up with him.  He usually lets her win at whatever they're playing too.

There's no right answer when it comes to an age gap for siblings, but I'm so glad there's four years between these two.  It works well for us and we've never had any rivalry or jealousy.  I sometimes wonder if they'd been closer together if it would've been a different story.

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