Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday six - six great things about being six

A blog post all about being six, because I think six is a brilliant age. Our son LOVES being six, he's big and small and the world makes sense. If I asked him, I'm sure these would be his favourite things about his age:

1. The world is a happy place.

Which is as it should be, of course. Holidays, birthdays, so many things are celebrated. And it all happens as if by magic. THere's no news to worry about, money to balance. People smile and hand over balloons and crayons, and ice creams and party bags. Amazing.

2. School is for playing, learning and chatting to your friends.

Our son loves school, and he's very lucky to not find any of the work difficult. To him, school is a place to acquire facts, a play football with his friends at lunch time. What a cool place to go.

3. Teddy is still a friend, and a comfort.

Old Fluff Ted is our son's very best ted and has been around since he was born. He loves to cuddle him, and goes to sleep with him every night.

4. Parents are still quite cool

And they know stuff.  I am still allowed to kiss my son goodbye in the morning on the school playground.  Sometimes he even holds my hand when crossing a road.  He loves his Dad, and especially his knowledge of cars.  We are not yet deeply uncool or embarrassing.  Happy days. 

5. Still small enough for cuddles

Cuddles are diminishing, but sometimes our son still loves to cuddle up on my lap.  I never want those cuddles to stop.

6.  Big enough to be a big boy

There is nothing greater than being a big boy in our son's eyes.  Reading The Beano, watching touring car racing, washing the car, helping look after his sister, he really rises to being treated like a big boy with extra responsibility.  

Small, but big.  Happy and content.  Secure.  Surely we could all learn a lot from being six?

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