Thursday, 16 April 2015

Packwood House - our first National Trust visit

The National Trust is really a wonderful organisation - its aim is to save our country's heritage.  I absolutely adore our country and our heritage, wildlife and diversity, and genuinely feel we should all do our part to preserve it.

So we recently joined the National Trust as a family, and took the kids on an Easter Egg hunt at Packwood House in Warwickshire.  It's reasonably local for us, and I'm so glad we went there.

The egg hunt was throughout the grounds, and we spent ages walking round outside.  The gardens are absolutely wonderful and so well planned and maintained.  A balance was really well achieved though and the kids were still pretty much free to run round almost at will!

Here's some pics of Packwood House's grounds and you can read more about the property on the National Trust website.

We have loads of places marked on our map of National Trust properties to visit; I'd love to hear about any you recommend though!

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