Thursday, 2 April 2015

On the nemesis hour

This being a parent lark is pretty tough.  And if there's one hour that gets me every day, it's the bathtime hour.

I read about parents who love this hour of calmness, bonding, bathtime splashes and cuddles and I wonder where their children came from.  Some sort of spiritual retreat, no doubt.

In our house, it's frenetic, fraught and fast.  My desire, no need, to get the kids in bed supercedes any bonding moments.  After a stressful day at work, with two kranky tired kids, just about the last thing I want to do is bond - unless it's with chocolate, or wine obviously.

So bathtime probably isn't approached with the unflappable parenting it should be, which I'm sure doesn't really help the situation.

To be fair, our son is really very good.  He puts up with a lot from his tantrum-ing little sister.  Having spent all day at nursery, she, quite literally, clings to me, desperate for ever more cuddles  I suspect she's learnt that cuddles are about the only thing that I can't resist, and it does a good job of delaying bed time.

And why is it kids don't want to go to bed?  I would love to go to bed at 7.30pm, having been bathed and put in lovely clean warm pyjamas - that I didn't have to wash.  Our son is desperate to read in bed every night, our daughter just desperate to do anything but go to bed.

But somehow, having scraped through bathtime, in bed they end up.  And don't get me started on storytime.  Having made it this far, we then have pages and pages of reading to go through.  Our son can read himself now, and knows if you so much as miss a word, let alone the entire paragraph 'forgetting' we can still get away with for toddler girl.

And finally, kids in bed, reasonably settled, I creep downstairs for an hour on the sofa where I try really hard not to fall asleep, before the jobs for the next day start.

I head straight for the chocolate, and wine.  Obviously.

Is it just me?

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