Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A brave question - headspace

Do you ever talk to people and wonder what their story is?  What's behind the words they're saying, and why they ended up saying what they did?

A colleague and almost friend, rang me at work last week.  They told me they were about to take an extended holiday from work.  They'd be back, but needed some time to reclaim some headspace.

If I'm honest, I've worked with this person for a while and noticed things weren't as they once were.  Don't we all notice subtle changes in colleagues' behaviour when we get on with them?

I wonder why I didn't ask if things were ok.  Do you ever ask colleagues if things are ok?

I work in a supportive, but pressurised environment.  We're all expected to work hard, and operate as a team.  At times, it's hard.  But isn't this true of most places?

It struck me as brave for someone to ask the company for some time off, because they needed a break.  And I've spent the last few days wondering why I would think it is brave?  When we face physical illness, we're quick to tell others to go home, rest up.  So shouldn't it be the same when we're weary, and things are too much?

I will really miss my colleague, but I am really glad they're taking a break.  I know they will come back to work and sincerely hope the headspace they so need to reclaim, is back.

And next time, I'll try and get behind the words and understand what's going on.  I''m sure this person has lots of friends, but isn't there always room for one more?

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