Tuesday, 3 March 2015

It's Mr Tumble's spotty cake

Toddler girl celebrated her second birthday last week.  She was thoroughly spoiled by everyone, and had lots of presents and a birthday tea at TGI Friday's!

I made her this cake, and in a true Mr Tumble voice called it 'Mr Tumble's Spotty Cake'.  She thought it was great, and was doing the Makaton for spotty bag when she saw it!

Can you guess which is the cake? ;-)

It was really simple to do - a basic madeira cake, cut to size, smothered in buttercream.  I rolled out the yellow icing and cut holes with a basic round cutter.  These were filled with other circles in coloured royal icing.  The handle is a fruit roll laid on top of the cake.  Simples.

It tasted great, and most importantly really suited toddler girl.  She loves Mr Tuimble at the moment, and also loved her home made cake!

Happy birthday to my little girl.  I can't believe she's two already!