Friday, 13 March 2015

Cherish #WotW

I heard a song today that I haven't heard for absolutely ages.  It transported me back almost two decades ago instantly.

"Wanna cherish each moment that could last cause baby,
you're all that I have
so just in case"

Just in Case, by Jaheim

I wondered how many of these busy happy moments that happen every day right now I actually cherish.  Toddler girl's constant chattering, our son's never ending questions.  Husband's tired "night nights" and my quiet moments enjoying a hot shower in the morning - sometimes the only quiet moment of the day!

Just as back nearly 20 years ago when I first heard that song, I didn't realise how much I would cherish the memories it evokes.  I realise now that these moments, while the kids are small, in bed, safe, really should be cherished.  One day, these will be very happy memories too.

The Reading Residence


  1. Very true, all the simple things in every day life should be cherished, that's a lovely reminder. x

  2. You're so right. I often tell myself, on the more exhausting days!, that these are the times to cherish and enjoy as they'll soon be over and I've a feeling that they are the very best of times. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. What I cherish is when my son would giggle. He always gives and yet so priceless to hear. #wotw