Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Year one reading success

When our son was a baby and toddler, I spent many hours reading to him.  For a while, it was the only thing he'd sit still for, so the piles of books in our house were big!

Despite this, he never really showed a lot of interest in reading for himself, and refused to even try before he went to school.  Yet somehow, I wasn't surprised when he picked it all up really quickly and started reading pretty fluently in his first and second terms in reception.

Now he's in year one, he's almost finished the Oxford Reading Tree, and reads widely, fluently and sometimes even silently!  His loves of books continues, and I like to think that those early years where he looked and listened with such intensity to me reading really paid off.

He has enjoyed reading Kipp, Biff and Chipper books, although it seems to have been a while since we last had one.  They are so much better than the Ladybird Janet and John books when I was growing up!  He really likes books about cars, and also an encyclopedia or two!  He's reading 'Shouty Kid' at the moment, and although it's quite grown up, I think he likes the mischievous main character.

People do warn me that boys don't tend to stay with books as they go into their teenage years, but I really hope our son proves them wrong.  I can't wait for him to get lost in a good book and stay up too late with a torch reading, just like I did.

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