Thursday, 26 February 2015

Parent's evening in year one

We spent a lovely 10 minutes at our son's school the other day.  He has two teachers who job share, and our parents' evening meeting was with both of them.

We are lucky that he goes to an Ofsted rated outstanding school.  Ofsted ratings aren't everything I know, but in this case it really is well deserved.  The school works so very hard to build a community and extend the confidence and learning of all its pupils, regardless of ability.

The teachers gave some lovely feedback on our son.  In class he is polite, helpful and listens really well.  He's doing well with his reading, writing and maths and loves PE and sport.

I forgot to ask about his friendships, which we think are just as important as his academic progress, but at home he talks about lots of his class mates and gets invited to lots of parties, so we're not worried in any way.

After six years hard work, it's really rewarding to hear he's doing well and is a liked and trusted pupil.  We were both so proud, and he received a very well deserved Hot Wheels toy car when we got home.


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