Wednesday, 25 February 2015

On being two

Imagine being two years old...

  • Old enough to understand when Mum says no, but not know why
  • Big enough to know you need to get dressed, but with no choice on what to wear
  • Enough experience to know the toy needs balls, but not know how to look for them
  • The dexterity to 'finish off' brushing teeth, but not enough to brush them completely
  • Old enough to know you want cuddling to sleep, but not realise that Mum has things to do
  • Able to feed yourself, but have no choice about your meal
  • Enough language to say 'help me' but not enough to explain the help you need
  • The ability to communicate when you're unhappy, but only in kicks, screams and cries.

All this = massive frustration!

Welcome to the world of our toddler girl at the moment.  Do you recognise any of these?

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