Friday, 13 February 2015

Easy winter warmer beef chilli con carne

My husband loves this beef chilli con carne.  I always try and make a big batch and freeze a few portions for an easy mid-week tea.  The chick peas pad it out a bit and give it an extra dimension too!  It's perfect for chilly evenings.

Winter warmer beef chilli

Serves 3-4 hungry people, or 1-2 with a couple of leftover good sized portions for the freezer.


400g extra lean mince beef
Teaspoon vegetable oil
One onion, diced
Three tins chopped tomatoes
One tablespoon tomato puree
Very large splosh of Worcester sauce (about a teaspoon)
One teaspoon ground cumin
One teaspoon ground coriander
Half teaspoon ground cinnamon
One beef stock cube
Two tablespoons chilli flakes, not pictured (this makes hot chilli, adjust up or down to taste)
One tin kidney beans
One tin chickpeas

Step one

Using the vegetable oil, fry off the onions in a large saucepan for four or five minutes until translucent, and then add the mince.  Fry it all until the mince is brown all over but not yet cooked through.

Step two

Add in the chopped tomatoes, spices, tomato puree, Worcester sauce, stock cube and chilli flakes.  Give it a really good stir.  Cover and gently simmer for 20-30 minutes to let the flavours really develop.  Stir occasionally.

Step three

Turn off the heat but keep the saucepan covered while you open, drain and rinse the chickpeas and kidney beans.  Add them to the pan and stir through.  Put the lid back on the pan, and leave to stand for a few minutes to allow the kidney beans and chickpeas to warm through.  Serve immediately with a jacket potato, rice or nachos.  With the lid left on it will stay nice and warm for 15 or 20 minutes.

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