Friday, 20 February 2015

Approaching #WotW

The dictionary definition of approaching is 'to come nearer to, draw near'.  As ever with my word of the week, this has a few meanings for me over the last seven days.

We're approaching my birthday.  It's not a big one this year, but we're definitely approaching that milestone!

Our son's approaching the end of his half term holiday and getting back to school.  He's really appreciated the break, but will be glad to get back to school next week.

I'm starting to approach some sort of healthy eating plan... I hold no store by thinness, but am getting tired of my wardrobe all being tight!

And finally, toddler girl is approaching two.  It's a lovely age, but I can see now we're also approaching tantrums, stubborn behaviour and 'I'll do it, I'll do it'.  I'm not tackling any of it yet, all the toddler defiance just makes me smile at the moment.

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