Monday, 5 January 2015

Things I've learned this holiday

How have the holidays been for you? Are you sad they're nearly over or glad that life is returning to normality?

 I'm somewhere between the two... our Christmas holidays started in a lovely busy way with days out and secret present shopping. Then we had lovely Christmas and Boxing days surrounded by family (and food - lots and lots of food).

And we went to Center Parcs over new year, which was a lovely way to switch off and spend time as the four of us. I was really pleased Center Parcs now had wifi, but in a way I really missed being forced to switch off..

The undercurrent to all this festive holidayness is the lack of a serious routine for our children, has really seemed to affect our son in particular. We keep get up, meal times and bedtimes consistent but our son is really showing how much he's missing the predictability and socialness of his school day.

To try and put a stop to his really pretty tiring behaviour we've reintroduced his 10p reward jar. At bathtime alone tonight he lost four of his 11 10ps. I was kind of prepared for the terrible twos, even the testing threes.

I knew the fiesty fours would pass once school started and at five it really felt like we were over the worst. But the sixes... well... I am so tired of the back chat, constant nos and general attitude that's around much more often than I'd like.

I take some comfort from the fact the his old nursery and school think he's an angel. Friends comment on how articulate and well behaved he is in public. This tiring and testing behaviour is reserved it seems, for home and in particular, for me.

It's all probably made worse by the fact that toddler girl is hitting the twos and demanding more time and attention from us than ever before. I try hard not to let this impact our son, but with more than one child, it's inevitable that your time and attention is divided.

 So as this holiday comes to a close, I will remember it with good memories - we had lots of laughter and a real sense of feeling lucky that we are all healthy, and able to enjoy a Christmas filled with lovely food and gifts. But I will also beathe a huge sigh of relief on Tuesday morning when school and nursery are open again, and I get to return to the quiet clicking of my laptop in a grown up world for a while.

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