Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Favourite toddler bedtime stories

I love putting our kids to bed, it's one of my favourite times of day.  Each night they both have at least one story each and we have so many books.  Books for us are on free-vend, and I never stop either of them having, or reading what they like.

I thought I'd share just a few of toddler girl's bedtime favourites, which we read together with her snuggled into her most favourite taggie.

On Safari
This is a lovely simple and colourful book, which opens down the middle.  A real novelty for toddler girl!  The book has a picture of the animals you'd see on safari and a nice rhyme about them all.  She loves to count the stars and knows all the animal's names.

Elmer's Colours by David McKee
A favourite of our son when he was younger, and toddler girl, Elmer's Colours gives a wonderful introduction to colours and Elmer's world.  On each page a colour is highlighted - 'yellow is a lemon', 'black is the darkest night' - toddler girl loves to point them all out.  Our copy is an ex-library book and is very bashed, but we still love it!

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
A wonderful lift the flap book, where the narrator writes to the zoo for animals.  Lifting the flap reveals an animal - 'The snake is too slippery, so I sent it back'.  The last page has a lovely touchy feely picture, and toddler girl always says "again, again" at this stage.

Tractors, an Usborne touchy feely book
This lovely touchy feely book has textures to feel on each page, and a lovely picture and description of a tractor in a different farm scene.  Toddler girl loves the bumpy wheels and gritty hay bale in the snow picture.  She always counts the rabbits in the picture too.

Do you have any favourite toddler stories for bedtime?  I'd love to hear about them - we are always looking for inspiration.


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