Friday, 30 January 2015

Daydream #WotW

It's been a funny week filled with quite a few challenges really.  Toddler girl's been poorly, I couldn't get to London because of train problems, and this winter seems to be going on for ages.  Maybe because of this darkness, I have a contrasting word of the week this week.

With time in the waiting room, at the train station and in the evenings I've been dreaming about spring days, lighter nights and summer holidays.  I've even snuck in a thought or two about next Christmas.  Ridiculous I know!

The days are getting a bit longer now, and January's nearly gone.  Roll on spring time so all my daydreams can start becoming reality.


  1. During the winter, our daydreams are a big help to get us through those dreary cold and dark January days! Yes, bring it on spring!

  2. Sorry to hear your daughter's been poorly, hope she's better now? I cannot wait of spring and somehow last summer feels forever ago! Enjoy those daydreams while we wait! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Lovely things to daydream about!
    I hope your girl is feeling better soon x

  4. Daydreaming is what's saving my sanity. I am so homesick and when I have time. Few minutes I daydream of home. Such a calming acitvity =) #wotw

  5. It's nice dreaming and planning, I too have had a few thoughts about next Christmas. Don't tell anyone ;0)