Monday, 1 December 2014

Wrapping Christmas gifts

I had a few hours off work the other day, and thought I'd make a start on my Christmas wrapping.  I love wrapping gifts, although I tend to spend much longer on gifts for grown ups than the kids, who just tear all the paper off really quickly.  Definitely not a ribbon in sight for little ones!

This lot is for our two, and it seems our son is doing a bit (ok a lot) better than toddler girl at the moment.  His gifts are to the right of the picture.  I definitely need to go to Toys R Us soon.

The wrapping paper is all from Card Factory, and at three rolls for a pound is a bargain.  It's colourful, vibrant and good enough quality to do the job..  I have the matching gift tags too which are also a bargain and match the papers perfectly.

Have you wrapped your gifts yet?

Me add three

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