Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Favourite toys from Chicco - rattles, cars and musical bear

My recent visit to Chicco's new HQ in the UK showed me just how great Chicco's entire toy range is.  Lots of things are newly released, or refreshed.  So many things caught my eye, these are just a few..

The range of baby toys is fantastic, and I love all the first toys available in the range.  These toys are great clipped on a buggy, car seat or in a changing bag and are brilliant for keeping little hands occupied, helpful to be chewed on for teething gums, and are such lovely colours and textures to stimulate senses.  With a starting price of just £4.99, a few of these handy everywhere would be brilliant for any young child.

Next in line for my favourite toys are Chicco's radio control cars.  Being an Italian company, it really makes sense for Chicco to have linked up with Fiat with this radio control Fiat 500 Sport.  It's suitable from around two years, and the steering wheel actually works as the control.  This is brilliant for encouraging co-ordination development.  It's a perfect toy for all budding drivers (our son would still love this now!).  It retails for around £30 which I think is brilliant value for a branded, top quality toy.

One of my absolute favourite toys is Danny Drift - a drifting remote control car.  I have never seen a drifting remote control car before and I know our son would absolutely LOVE this.  Danny's spoiler and great looks make him a really sporty remote control car, and as with the Fiat 500, the steering wheel works as it should to control the car.  Steer it left, and the car turns left.  It drifts brilliantly, and I know loads of kids (and big kids) will love it.  Again, this is great value at around £30.

And finally, Chicco Musical Tales Singing Bear is a wonderfully soft, interactive, teddy bear that's bilingual and shares stories in both English and French.  He comes with five story cards in his backpack, to help kids learn the alphabet, numbers, parts of the body, shapes, colours, animals and all about travelling in both languages.  He's a bit taller than most teddy bears, and stands up by himself; he's still cuddly though!  For around £40 this is a great way of getting littles ones used to different languages and encouraging independent play.

Have you got any Chicco toys?  I'd love to know what you think of them.

Disclaimer: toddler girl and I are very proud to have been Chicco Happiness Testers, but we haven't received anything for this post.  All views, are of course my own.


  1. How cute is that Fiat 500?! I could see that going down very well with any child. I love that Chicco has a large range with a variety of prices to suit everyone x

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