Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Elf on the shelf mischief

We're having great fun with Effy, our elf on the shelf.  It's the first year we've been visited by an elf, and both our son and toddler girl love him!

He's been getting up to all sorts of mischief, including:

Mixing up and swapping advent calendars.  He got it a bit wrong swapping our Mr Men advent calendar though, because our son loves Mr Men and got a bit upset.  Effy managed to put it right during the school day though.

Hanging from the kitchen cupboards with rudolph ears.  Who knows how he got himself in this tricky position.

Getting ready for school.  This morning he was wearing our son's school shoes and holding his school bag, already for the school run.  Silly Effy, he doesn't go to school!

Reading Christmas books with our son's beloved Ted.  I think they both missed our son when he was at school a few days ago, and went in his room to keep each other company.

Colouring in a picture in one of our colouring in books.  The sheep was the same colours and stripey like Effy.  Effy!

Have you got an elf on the shelf?  What's s/he up to?

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  1. We have an elf for the first time this this year......We're having great fun with her.