Saturday, 29 November 2014

Music exploration - what we loved this month

I love the idea of Bubba Blue and Me's music exploration linky.  Music is such an important part of our lives, and our kids both love to sing and dance.  The linky reminded me to document this, and the things we're all loving to do with music at the moment.

What we're listening to

For some reason, our son and toddler girl both like rock music (must be their Dad's influence!), and we had to stop everything we were doing the other day to listen and 'rock' to Guns n Roses when Chris Evans played it on his breakfast show.

Our son also loves Ellie Goulding which has been playing in my car for a while.  He knows all the words to tracks 16 and 18!

What we're singing

Toddler girl is picking up words and rhymes so quickly now.  Just this morning she was singing Three Blind Mice, and knows some of the words and actions to The Wheels on the Bus.  Repetition and music is so important to vocabulory and I think our music and movement sessions every Friday for the last year and half are really paying off!

Our son's nativity play is coming up soon, and he's been singing Christmas songs for a week or so now.  His favourite is 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree', and he corrects me on the words everytime!

What we're dancing to

Toddler girl loves her Chicco Music Band Table.  We got it as part of the Happiness Tested campaign, but it is honestly, genuinely one of her most favourite toys.  She loves to press the buttons and make the music play, and then she'll dance and look over to check you're watching.  So cute.

Linking up with Bubba Blue and Me, I'd love to know how music features in your lives at the moment.

Bubbablue and me music linky

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  1. Aw, bet that's so cute watching her dance. It seems rock goes down well with young children. Thankfully N now likes putting on cds in my old cd player, so he only has access to my cds. Much safer taste!

    Thanks for linking up. #MusicExploration