Monday, 6 October 2014

September's been and gone

These posts seem to get later every month.. the days and weeks just go by so quickly!

Like loads of parents, September was a month of mixed emotions... here's why:

  • Back to school for our son.  Routine, stability, relief.  And missing him too.
  • The return of working all the time and the end of my holiday season
  • A 10m swimming certificate for our son, and a new yellow swimming hat.

  • Toddler girl talking, lots.  Walking, lots.  The two combine: "more walk, more walk". The end of the easy buggy days!
  • Happy days going to the park in a Kettler go-kart, and toddler girl's trike

  • And of course, hours spent putting things in and out of our washing machine. 

 I'd love to hear what you got up to in September.  What were your highlights?

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