Thursday, 16 October 2014

Playing cars and sparking imagination

It was our son's birthday a short while ago and he was six.  Six! 

We were wondering what to get him for his birthday for a while.  He had a wonderful Kettler Go-kart in the summer, and is having a party, so we didn't really want to get him loads.  We try hard not to let him be spoilt.

So I wandered round the toy aisle of Tesco a couple of weeks ago, with a now extended Christmas toy choice, not feeling hugely inspired.  He loves cars, so I ended up in the car section.  There really wasn't much, but a Hotwheels Super Spin Car Wash play set caught my eye.  At £15 it was about the right price, and I knew our son had lots of Hotwheels cars and track too.

Well.  It has been the hit of the century!  The set itself has ramps, spins cars around manually (as if to wash), and the best bit is that you can link up track to a ramp and let cars go off as far as they can.

So far, our son hasn't stopped playing with it.  It's been a while since he's played purely with his cars, but this has undoubtably sparked his imagination again.  It's great when you find something that's a hit!  I can feel more of this range coming from Father Christmas!

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  1. Happy Birthday to him! So good when you've found the perfect gift isn't it?