Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Clever Busy B birthday book, diary and family calendar review

"Taming the mayhem of modern life" is a quote from the Clever Busy B diary label, and just about sums up what I try and do every day perfectly.

Clever Busy B is a range of gorgeous products, designed by Kerri Binnie (the 'B' in Busy B), all of which are designed to help busy people and families be more organised.  Kerri designed them after becoming a Mum herself - so she should know what we all need!

First up for review is the birthday book.  I have been eyeing these as Christmas gifts for grandparents (who struggle to get out) for a while now.  The book itself is a good size (around 20x25cm), and is held together with a gorgeous thick elastic cord.

Each month has a pocket to hold cards, with a big pocket at the end of the book for other cards, notes or stamps. I've added a couple of cards here and you can see there's loads of room.

Helpfully the front inside cover has a wedding anniversary list too - great if like me you never, ever remember this sort of stuff!

This is a lovely birthday book which is really helpful and has loads of room for storing dates and cards of not just birthdays, but loads of occasions. I might not give this one away after all!

A family organiser is essential in our house - keeping track of school dates, nursery, work and the hectic social life of my kids is a nightmare!  The Busy B family calendar for 2015 will definitely help us stay on track.

"It's the little details that make this a great family organiser" Me

There are five columns for each month on this calendar plus an important date column, which is ideal for a family of four, five or even six.  Spread over two pages, each month has lots of room for writing arrangements and notes, and it also has a pocket for the many, many notes that come home from school and nursery.

I absolutely love the clever stickers that come with the calendar too.  They can be used to mark birthdays, appointments and even to blank over mistakes or when details change.  It's details like this that really make this a really special calendar that's perfect for busy families.

And finally, the 2015 slim pocket diary.  This is a super smart diary which fits well into any hand or changing bag, and saves the endless scribbling of notes, deleted iPhone notifications and frantic looking for business cards in drawers.

This wonderful diary has all the features you'd expect - useful number, notes and monthly view sections - plus a super useful pocket at the back for receipts, stamps or cards.  I absolutely love the brilliant integrated notes page in each weekly view.

"I need to add next year's school dates to this pocket diary - now!" Me

There's loads of room for everything you need, and it fits perfectly in my life.  I love it so much I'm going to get Mum one for Christmas!

I love the Busy B range; all the products are thoughtfully designed and look gorgeous!  I think it's all great value - the slim diary retails at £7.99, family calendar £9.99 and birthday book £12.99.  The range is available online, and I've also seen it in John Lewis and Lakeland.

You can follow Busy B on Twitter at @CleverBusyB, or on Facebook.  Don't forget to tell them I sent you ;-)

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Disclaimer: Thanks Busy B for sending us these products to review.  As ever, all thoughts are my own.

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