Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas present inspiration for six and one year old

So for this week's #ChristmasCountdown I promised myself I would audit all the secret piles of Christmas presents I've bought over the last month or two for our kids.  I love a bargain and always get them - and then promptly forget about them and end up buying double or worse, finding it again in January (this has happened!).

So I pulled out the boxes, and made a list of all the things I have so far.

For our six year old boy, this is:
  • One racing Mini Scalextric (a very lucky competition win)
  • A Hot Wheels racing battle case - he's big into Hot Wheels and I know he will love this.  I paid about £12 from Wilkinson's. 

  • Assorted cars (can you see a theme here - he loves cars).  There were half price and around £3 each in Sainsbury's a month or two ago.

  • A spy pen from Avon, £5.  He will love to write with invisible ink and see it with ultraviolet light in this bargain pen!
  • A bath-time Thomas the Tank Engine clock, because he really needs to know how to tell the time!  I got this from Boots and think it was a couple of pounds.

Toddler girl has fared less well so far!
  • She will LOVE this Duplo train which had 75% off in Sainsbury's a month or so ago.  It was a bargain at £5 and is perfect for her.
  • The wooden sort and stack will be great for her too, and was in the same sale.  I think it was only about £3.

So now all I need to do is think about how to fill the gaps.  Any ideas very much appreciated - what do your little ones love to play with?

Me add three

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