Monday, 15 September 2014

Recovery position, disaster week

The last week has been horrid.  We all expect days or weeks when things go wrong, but I'm not sure everything going wrong all at the same time is usual.

First thing, everyone's ok.  And that, as they say, is the most important thing.

But the little things all piled up on me.  Work was a catastrophe.  Everything I did, or didn't say or do, went wrong.  Home was a disaster.  I said the wrong thing to the wrong person, more than once.  Pressed the wrong button.  Toddler girl wasn't sleeping.  At all.  As a result I was exhausted, which only compounded the problem.

I lost motivation with absolutely everything.  Ever felt like that?  It's difficult to recover from quickly, but I knew I needed to.  So here's how I continue to try and get some va va voom back...

I slept like no other at the weekend.  Finally, finally toddler girl slept for an extended period.  Husband took both kids swimming on Saturday morning and I stayed in bed until 10am.  10am!

Switch off
Work has the capacity to fill my brain and drain it of everything else.  Faced with a few difficult problems, I switched off from it for a couple of days.  No email checking, no thinking about it.  I parked it in the 'think about it on Monday' space to give me some perspective.  It helped.

It took a quiet evening talking with husband to reboot.  Who do I work for?  Actually our family.  Rebooting made me realise what I was doing all this for.  Which helps.

A plan
I've hatched a plan for a day off when the kids are being looked after.  This small thing, which is a few weeks away, is enough to get me through the next few busy weeks.

So all in, I feel better.  Not perfect, but better.  Perspective helps a lot.

How was your week?  I'd love to know how you get through when everything seems to go wrong.

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