Friday, 5 September 2014

Label #WotW

This week's word of the week is:

Like many parents, I spent an hour or two labelling school uniform on Monday.  There was something strangely therapeutic about it.  Perhaps because I knew the rhythm of autumn days was very close again.

In a really positive way I also spent some time in our son's school, seeing his classroom, and talking to his teachers on Wednesday.  It's good sometimes to make sure he hasn't been labelled in a certain way.

Have you labelled anything this week?


  1. I have labelled 3 lots of school uniform this week. I am labelled out! #wotw

  2. I've written my daughter's name into everything-not a job I enjoy! I'm not looking forward to labelling two lots of school paraphernalia next year :)

  3. I didn't bother with Labels a Biro did the trick.....hehehe

  4. Yes 4 lots of uniform, but I used my stamptatsic and attach a tag so it was super fast! #Wotw

  5. Ah yes, the labelling! I did it at the start of the holidays so it could be forgotten, though I use stickers so it doesn't take long! Nice to spend time in the classroom, too, not something I've been able to do yet. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x