Friday, 15 August 2014

Volume #WoTW

I love words which can be interpreted in many ways - my weeks are rarely linear.
Our son is loud, and this week I seem to have been asking him to turn the volume down even more than usual (and that is a lot!).
The volume of terrible news seems incredibly high this week.  I hate burying my head in the sand, but this week I have been unable to hear anymore about war, depression, politics and celebrity.  I have definitely tried to reduce the volume of negativity in my head.
And finally, I've been working through a volume of blog posts and actions I haven't had the time to do for months.  Tagging - check.  Images - check.  Thinking of ways to take my blog to the next level - check.
I'd love to hear how you interpret volume for your week...
Linking up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for word of the week.

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  1. If I think of volume this week it's definitely volume of work to get through - still it's nice when your day speeds by and you get that sense of accomplishment at home time! #wotw

  2. Oh I can understand the children volume! My eldest keeps having to be told too. There has been a lot of sad news this week x #WotW

  3. I can defientieyly relate to volume my 2 autistic children have both been stimming very loudly this week! I would have gladly turned there volume down if I could only find their switches! #WotW

  4. That is a lot of volume to deal with....
    My girls have been a bit on the loud side too.....

  5. My daughter has certainly had her loud moments, and I have found the news difficult to hear this week too x #WotW