Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Seriously delicious breakfast pudding - yoghurt, fruit and granola

I often see fruit, yoghurt and granola as a 'luxury' breakfast option.  They're so delicious our son likes to call it 'breakfast pudding'!

They are so simple and cheap to make and really are delicious.  They take seconds too!  I use fat free natural yoghurt, and the granola just sweetens it enough to take the edge off.

Seriously delicious breakfast puddings
Serves two

Four tablespoons frozen summer fruits
Four tablespoons fat free natural yoghurt
Two tablespoons granola (the Aldi tropical fruit crunchy granola is absolutely delicious and well worth a trip to the store for)

I re-use Gu pud glass ramekins to make them look posh, but any small bowl will do.

Defrost the frozen fruit in a microwave for about 30 seconds, stir and then microwave again for another 30 secs.  Mash it up very slightly, and don't throw away the juice!

Put two tablespoons of fruit in each ramekin, and then layer two tablespoons of yoghurt on top.

Top with a tablespoon of granola, and pour any remaining juice on top.  Tuck in pretty quickly, before the granola goes soft.  Yum!

These make a great breakfast, or we sometimes have it for pudding after tea.  Our son, who is always hungry, has been known to ask for it as a snack!  Enjoy :-)

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