Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Close friends - when distance doesn't matter

Our son and I went camping for a couple of days at the weekend.  I took him to stay at a friend's house that I went to university with.  It was the annual get together of the circle of friends I was in at uni.

We are lucky that one of our friends had a very big field for a back garden - here's base camp, with supplies:

Isn't it weird how when you're really good friends with people, time and distance don't really matter?  All of us are scattered around the country now, some married with children, others not.  We have different types of jobs, different lives now, and yet, we're still the closest of friends.

It used to just be the girls, then it became the girls with their boys (now husbands mostly!), and now it's the girls, boys and children.  Even the kids get on really well and played happily together.

Between all of us, conversation is easy and silences comfortable.

I am so lucky to be able to call such wonderful people friends. x

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