Thursday, 24 July 2014

It's a man's world - The Prompt

It's been a while since I joined in with Mum Turned Mom's The Prompt.  The idea is that Sara publishes a writing prompt every week, and bloggers (that's me then!) link up.  This week's prompt is:

It's a man's world
Is it though? 
51% of the UK's population is female.  We have women teachers, doctors and lawyers.  The Houses of Parliament have women representatives.  We've even had a woman prime minister.
So is the world we all operate in really a man's?  Is it more that women, generally speaking, lack the confidence to believe it's theirs?  That we really do have a say, and influence in how it operates?
Time and again at work I hear that there's a glass ceiling, that you have to be masculine to be successful, that if you take maternity leave or prioritise your children you can't be as successful as men.

And I hear in the school playground that husbands don't have time to help with 'women's work', that childcare is not important, that they are 'just' a stay at home Mum and are too tired/frazzled/busy to do anything 'meaningful' in the 'real' world. 
Are these not just barriers that women put up for themselves?  I've never heard a man say a woman didn't get the job because of her gender.  But I've heard plenty of women who didn't apply because they don't have (in their opinion) the experience, qualifications, and/or dedication necessary.

I've never heard a man worry endlessly if their children are getting their five a day.  Stress because the ironing pile is big.  Or worry about how they will cope and balance things if one of the kids gets chicken pox.
Isn't it time that women woke up and realised that we are the biggest barrier to our own success?  That we're the ones who define that success, and the world that both men and women live in. 
And if we define success as staying home and looking after children then that's the world, and if success is career, then that's the world.  And if we try and do both, and juggle, prioritise, delegate and manage families and careers all at the same time, then that's also the world. 
Whichever way, it isn't a man's world.  It is both a man and women's world, and we can make of it what we choose.


  1. What a brilliant post, you have looked at this in a completely different way to me and you post has really given me some food for thought #ThePrompt

  2. Great post!
    A man's and a woman's world...couldn't agree more! x

  3. LOVE this! I think you are absolutely right, thank you for linking such a great post to #ThePrompt. It's great to see someone looking at it from a totally different angle x

  4. Excellent thought provoking post.

  5. So true! I always try and instill this kind of thought into Ellie,my eldest at 9, she has on a couple of occasions say ' i like it but its for boys' or similar saying...and I want to grab her and say but its not! It's not at all!!...believe in yourself and you can be and WILL be anything you want to be! I try to make her see it from that point of view...the succeders are the ones who are good at what they enjoy....Football (for instance)...well David Beckham may be a great footballer...because he liked football and worked hard at it...Dean (my hubby) is a rubbish footballer he didnt work hard at it...YOU Ellie, if you wanted could be a footballer as amazing as Mr Beckham IF you work at it!!!