Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Heaven #TuesdayTune

It's our son's last week in reception year at primary school.  This afternoon I went to his graduation, and a lovely montage of pictures of all his class was playing to the acoustic version of Heaven by DJ Sammy.  I tracked it down on iTunes - it features Do.
"Oh thinking about our younger years,
We were young and wild and free
There was only you and me"
I, along with lots of other Mums, was overcome with emotion.  The song is so powerful, and it seemed so fitting.  It will always take me back to that school hall now.
I'd love to know what song you're listening to this week - is there one which has moved you?


  1. Ahh this version (I believe its the candlelight version?) was the last song I heard before becoming a Mummy (first time round!) i adore it and it always takes me back to that drive to the hospital xx

    1. Yes, it's the candlelight version - it's such an emotional song, isn't it? Extra special meaning to you!