Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The 10p jar - reward system for a five year old

Our son has boundless energy, bright eyes and a thirst for knowledge.  He's always interested in doing, learning, talking, jumping, reading, anything..... he's a good lad, but every now and again he gets stubborn, bored and pretty defiant.  We like to reward his good behaviour rather than nag him about bad....

In step the 10p jar.

Our son will do practically anything for ice cream.  And cars.  Especially cars.

So his reward system goes like this:

On a Saturday he starts with 10, 10p coins in his jar.  His jar is on his table, so he sees it every meal time.

Throughout the week, good behaviour earns him 10p.  Bad behaviour loses him 10p.  By Friday, if he still has at least 10, 10p coins, he's earned himself an ice-cream.  20 or more 10ps and he gets to look in the 'car star' box, which contains two or three little cars for him to choose one from.

Any more than 20 coins, and he saves the balance to go to the toy shop every now and again and choose something big for himself.

This reward system is the only thing that's really worked for us.  Stickers, crayons and stars just didn't cut it with him.  We think it makes a difference, and he is always proud of himself when he 'earns' a 10p.  It's good for his maths skills too!

I'd love to hear about your reward system - what works for you?


  1. Love this, you're teaching maths, saving and working for a reward in one fell swoop. My boy is only 3 so a little young for this right now but will definitely consider. We are lucky as he's generally a good boy, although he was naughty at nursery last week, when he got home he was denied his usual ice lolly (he loves them) and he didn't get to watch the Simpsons, he's been perfect ever since!

  2. money is about the only language my boys understand too. have really noticed a change in them since the reward chart stopped last month... MUST start it up again this weekend.