Friday, 13 June 2014

Sleep #WotW

Like most parents, I'm pretty tired.  Lately though, it's been a bit of a drag and I was wondering why I was quite so tired all the time.  So I started using a gadget which monitors sleep, and quickly realised why... it's not anaemia, or diet, or anything other than the fact that I simply don't get enough sleep.  In fact, I'm under-sleeping by around one night a week.  Ouch.

So this week, if you feel tired all the time like me, switch off your phone and TV just half an hour earlier.  Try and get to bed half an hour before you normally do most nights.  Even, try and get an early night once or twice.  Rest.

Hopefully it'll work and we'll both feel much better for it.

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  1. I know I need to sleep more....I always find one more tv show to watch or a few more pages of a book to read....

  2. That's a lot of sleep to be missing out on. Hope this week is better for you

  3. Ouch indeed! I am like you, and I know I should have early nights here and there, but I always think I'm wasting time that way, which is ridiculous as I'm sure I'd be more productive with more sleep! Thanks for sharing with #WotW