Saturday, 3 May 2014

April's been and gone

I can't believe that April's been and gone already.... but isn't it lovely to be well into spring and enjoying some warmth and sunshine?

Here's our highlights for April:

  • An Easter school play for our son, I loved hearing all the children sing
  • Baby girl... "ta, ta, ta"
  • A two week Easter holiday, our first to cope with since I've been back at work
  • Selling our Quinny baby gear... no more babies here
  • A chocolate egg hunt in the garden, and a GIANT Kit Kat Easter egg

  • The start of our son's last term in reception
  • A shiny exciting new iPhone for me - how did I manage without one?
  • Baby girl finding everything funny, and turbo crawling everywhere.

I'd love to hear your highlights of the month... what did you get up to?

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